About Us

The nonprofit WikiRate Project e.V. hosts WikiRate.org, an open data platform that brings corporate ESG data together in one place, making it accessible, comparable, and free for all.

Since launching in 2013, WikiRate has strived to foster collective awareness on corporate responsibility, made possible through an open, editable, wiki platform that connects a global community. The collaborative platform enables academics, nonprofits, standard bodies, investors, companies, and the broader public to research, discuss and rate company performance.

Companies have a vital role to play in responding to the world’s most pressing issues, and we as a society can help shape that role.

As stakeholders – consumers, employees, investors, students, neighbors, advocates, and voters – we can guide companies to address environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns. But we are missing some key tools. Information about corporate performance is simply not available in a form we can act upon.

The feedback loop between companies and us, their stakeholders, is broken.

WikiRate.org was developed to help fix this feedback loop by organizing open data about companies’ performance. By making sustainability data more usable, we make more meaningful engagement possible. WikiRate empowers stakeholders to hold companies accountable and provide ever better responses to the world’s problems.

Our Vision

A world where companies can and do respond to social and environmental challenges.

Our Mission

To spur corporations to be transparent and responsive by making data about their social and environmental impacts accessible, comparable and free for all.

We all have a stake in companies and their impact on the environments and communities in which they operate. Join the WikiRate movement by becoming one of our community members and help shape the future of corporate transparency.

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WikiRate is a nonprofit organization based in Berlin, Germany. We are entirely funded through grants and donations. If you are interested in supporting our project, head to our Donate page for more details.