The WikiRate Project

The Project lets people discover and contribute to the largest openly accessible database of environmental, social and governmental (ESG) data, all in one place. Since launching in 2013, WikiRate has strived to foster collective awareness on corporate social responsibility, made possible through its open, editable, wiki platform that connects a global community. The collaborative platform enables academics, non-profits, standard bodies, investors, companies, and the general public to research, discuss and rate company performance.

WikiRate sets out to tackle global challenges associated with corporate data, including: data transparency, inaccessible information, lack of context and materiality, and limited tools to enable comparability between companies at a micro and meta level. By tackling these challenges we can support dialogue on important topics, such as climate change, natural resource use and working conditions at an international level and support initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a collaborative site, WikiRate fosters and empowers communities of individuals and organisations to push for greater transparency through open, quality research that enhances the WikiRate platform as a tool for advocacy, education, research and analysis.

The website is based on an open-source software platform called “Decko and improvements to the platform are freely available. Further, we offer open data infrastructure by supporting an application programming interface (API) that allows  anyone to access the website’s data.

The Approach
All information on WikiRate comes from public sources, so that data can be traced back to a source and verified. The information is accumulated and appropriately visualised on the website to allow users to compare and rate companies.

The WikiRate Project relies on donations and grants to stay free and independent. We are proud to have been partially funded through September 2016 by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration, under grant agreement no. FP7- 609897-WIKIRATE. The project has also received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 687967 for its role in ChainReact as part of the European Commission CAPS initiative