Compiling the Public Picture: The Apparel 100 Case

Compiling the Public Picture: The Apparel 100 Case+image

A large-scale research project has been conceptualized to collect and assess data covering Brands, Suppliers and Investors of the Top 100 Apparel Companies (as listed in the FashionUnited Top 100 Index). The project is a collaborative effort to research and connect critical data sets on companies and their suppliers and investors, and to provide a shared evidence base for better understanding company impacts on people and planet. 


Reaching critical mass

The aim of the project is to gather what is considered the ‘most needed’ data, by organizations and individuals working in ethical sourcing and production, alongside a critical mass of relationship and performance data for these top 100 companies. 

Highlighting the gaps

In this process WikiRate collects data on both “unknown” and “known” information, to show what companies are disclosing, and where there are disclosure gaps. The research and aggregation of this broad set of data will as such highlight the gaps in public data sets, shed light on complex relationships, and identify leverage points for improving value chain transparency and corporate performance.

In July 2019, we sent out an expert survey to consult those working in Apparel supply chains to better understand what information is needed by different stakeholder groups working on ethical supply chains, and where do the challenges lie in getting that information. You can find out more about the survey and the preliminary findings in our blog

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