Transparency Tool for Supply Chain Workers

Transparency Tool for Supply Chain Workers+image

Following the Transparency Pledge Coalition’s campaigning efforts in 2016, Clean Clothes Campaign and WikiRate began extracting relationship data from the supplier disclosures that apparel companies have started to publish in 2017 (for more details about these activities see the Corporate Network Mapping project).

Bringing these often still statically published datasets onto WikiRate’s open data platform was however only the first step in making this data more useful to a broader audience. Taking it a step further, Clean Clothes Campaign and WikiRate then collaboratively developed a transparency tool ( for supply chain workers in 2018. Using this tool, supply chain workers and their union representatives are now able to find out which brands they are producing products for.

Expansion ideas are currently being explored, including the representation of supply chain policies and wage data in the transparency tool, to inform workers about the rights they have in their place of work, ultimately enabling them to collectively negotiate for improved working conditions.