Transparent Value Chains
Since 2016, WikiRate has been mapping relationships and performance of companies across their corporate networks, from factories in supply chains to ownership structures and investors. By connecting these entities we are aiming to make corporate networks transparent, understandable, and responsive – so that companies and their stakeholders can see, react to, and ultimately transform corporate network impacts. To achieve this we work with international partners on a number of projects that begin to tie disparate datasets together.

Our Role

Within this program, the support provided by the WikiRate team is varied. Depending on project and partner needs, we assist with:

  • Extracting big datasets from public sources through scraping
  • Setting up data structures on the WikiRate platform that can capture (new) datasets in an open format so that they can be connect to other relating datasets
  • Bringing existing datasets on to the WikiRate platform through imports
  • Developing API integrations between and other data platforms, as well as API integrations with dynamic data visualizations and widgets

Program Scope

Currently the work that is part of this program is four-fold: 1) mapping business relations, 2) gathering performance disclosures of mapped entities, 3) soliciting new disclosures to fill the gaps of these mappings, 4) network performance analyses. While most ongoing projects focus on mapping relations and performance, a few more recent projects are beginning to drive new disclosures and are exploring the analysis possibilities that draw from multiple datasets hosted on the WikiRate platform, which were previously disparate but are now connected.

To provide a clear sense of direction in a program that spans such a broad range of activities and topics, the projects and engagements that are part of this program currently focus on the apparel sector.


Off-platform widgets using the WikiRate API: These are tools built by WikiRate for partners to showcase particular information to their stakeholders, and engage new audiences and volunteers in crowd-research that feeds into the WikiRate platform. Read about the tools linked below in this blogpost.

Program Scaling

As corporate value chains are constantly changing and evolving, mapping these is and will continue to be an immense effort. Nevertheless, once critical mass has been reached within the apparel sector, and the potential impact of an open and integrative data ecosystem has been demonstrated, this program will expand into a variety of other sectors including electronics and extractives.


We decided to use WikiRate to ensure our research extends to a broad audience and can be used by others. Working with WikiRate was an outstanding experience. The team was supportive and available. The crowd-research campaign enabled volunteers to generate valuable data for research and campaigning, thus advancing our commitment to ensure better working conditions in the fashion industry

– Public Eye