UK Modern Slavery Act Research

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In 2016, the Minderoo’s Walk Free Initiative and WikiRate partnered to assess companies’ response to the UK’s 2015 Modern Slavery Act. To this end, both organizations developed a set of metrics on the UK Modern Slavery Act Research Project whereby students and non-expert researchers can contribute to the assessment.

In 2019, the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre has joined in this partnership. Through this broader collaboration, additional research metrics are added to the project in support of sector specific publications that are released on an ongoing basis to address sectoral disclosure patterns.


Universities from around the world participated in the initial metric testing and are conducting the research on an ongoing basis.

Over the past four years, the project has engaged 1000+ students, collectively assessing over 1,200 company statements, and adding a total of 25,000+ data points to our open data platform about companies’ performance.

In 2018, the data and analysis were used by Minderoo’s Walk Free Initiative to advise governments around the world to adopt and improve anti-modern slavery legislations. The Australian Modern Slavery Bill, passed in November, 2018, is a great example of reforms that are shaped by systematic legislative monitoring and the identification of best practices.

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The UK Modern Slavery Act research project is an ongoing effort that will assess modern slavery statements year-on-year. If you are a university teacher who wants to take part in the MSA research do get in touch.

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