Supply Chain Transparency

WikiRate is part of the consortium ChainReact, which is a collaborative effort to map the relationships and performance of companies across their corporate networks, from factories in supply chains to ownership structures and investors. The aim of connecting these dots is to make corporate networks transparent, understandable, and responsive – so that companies and their stakeholders can see, react to, and ultimately transform corporate network impacts.

To achieve this we work with international partners who have insight into corporate networks and supplier performance to begin tying disparate datasets together. 

Corporate Action Groups

In the last two decades the apparel sector has begun to pay more and more attention to their suppliers’ performance, and to publicly disclose on factories and suppliers involved in production. Devastating incidents such as the Rana Plaza building collapse underscored the need for more stakeholder awareness and support for supply chain monitoring. However, current approaches have yet to establish a standard approach to transparency, and often lead to duplication (similar surveys and audits imposed on factories by multiple buyer companies).

To combat these issues, Apparel supply chains will be the initial focus of Action Groups. Our aim is to bring together leading companies and international partners to:

  • Spur development of new indicators for supply chain transparency, pushing the current boundaries of standard practice.
  • Bring together an alliance of companies in the apparel sector to share practices like audits, surveys, etc. to cut back on duplication and improve supplier conditions/efficiencies
  • Increase supply chain transparency and comparability for all stakeholders

Supply Chain Performance

  • Clean Clothes Campaign (partner) – investigative research tracking supplier sustainability performance
  • Bottom-up violations reports (the Whistle)

Supply Network Mapping

  • Corporate network relationships mapping (OpenCorporates)
  • Data scraping: public sources of supplier lists (CERTH)
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