The Workpackages

The WikiRate Project activities are organized into Work Packages (WP) as follows:

WP Title Objective and Scope
WP1 Project Management The general consortium management, including financial, legal, administrative and research coordination aspects.
WP2 Requirements and Functional Design In quarterly meetings we set development and research priorities. We use “user stories” as focal point for our agile website development process.
WP3 User & Community Dynamics Understanding potential and actual users of the website, both in regards to their needs and their motivations. Developing effective incentive and reputation systems that lead to quality content.
WP4 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Ratings Developing and implementing processes to rate companies in regards to CSR using crowdsourcing.
WP5 Scalable Analytics for User Contributions Organising and handling data collected by WikiRate, via duplicate detection and indexing. Support user contributions with content from outside sources such as Twitter etc.
WP6 Social Platform Architecture and Development Implementation of all website features, based on specifications set under WP2 and WP5.
WP7 Evaluation Evaluating the Project in regards to its main objectives, and in regards to its main hypothesis (see 1.1.5, Research Hypothesis). Also includes a technical evaluation of the Project.
WP8 Dissemination and Exploitation Disseminate the project to the public. Engage and stay in close contact with the community via a “Community Champion”. Develop and execute an exploitation plan, including communication with stakeholders.