Wikirate Project e.V.

Brunnenstrasse 37

10115 Berlin

Vertretungsberechtigter Vorstand: Philipp Hirche (1.Vorstand), Florian Hirche (2.Vorstand)

Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, Berlin

VR 32012B

Please go to to read about’s general disclaimers, terms of use, licensing and take-down provisions.

WikiRate is incorporated in Germany as “gemeinnütziger, eingetragener Verein” under the name “The Wikirate Project e.V.”, in the UK as charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) under the name “The Wikirate Project UK” and in the USA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the name “The Wikirate Project”. Donations from German, UK and US donors may therefore be tax deductible (see our German determination letter here, for UK go here and enter our registered charity number 1155894, and see our US determination letter here).

You may contact Wikirate Project e.V. at .

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