The WikiRate Project Consortium (2014-2017)



The WikiRate Project e.V. is the legal entity standing behind Its sole purpose of existence is to make a success. Based in Berlin, the WikiRate team consists of a general manager with varied project tasks, a partnerships manager, and three research and partnerships associates focused on research and partner support, outreach and acquisition.

WikiRate e.V. is the Project Coordinator of the WikiRate Project. WikiRate e.V. will lead the rating concept development and is the project’s dissemination. Further, WikiRate e.V. will participate heavily in the research and development process, leveraging its connections and advisory council.



The Psychometrics Centre is a Strategic Research Network of the University of Cambridge and an international centre of excellence in psychological, occupational, clinical and educational assessment. The Psychometrics Centre houses research and computational talent able to implement sophisticated software solutions in the area of crowd-sourcing and online collaboration. It is for this combination that we find it appropriate to place the to-be-hired WikiRate platform developers within the Psychometrics Centre.

In the context of The WikiRate Project, Cambridge will provide both research and software development excellence to the consortium. Cambridge will take the lead in User & Community Dynamics, in Social Platform Architecture and Development, and Evaluation.

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Founded in 2004 Grass Commons is 501(c)(3) public education charity whose mission is to help people align their money and their values. It is the creative force behind Wagn, an open-source website-building tool that combines the collaborative power of wikis with the organizational power of database engines.  In 2006 Grass Commons received funding from Meyer Memorial Trust to develop Wagn as a tool for collaboratively generating public data for public benefit. Ward Cunningham, the inventor of the original wiki, described Wagn as “one of the most exciting contributions to wiki since I coined the term”.

Grass Commons will lead the Requirements and Functional Design of The WikiRate Project, given its expertise in the software platform, Wagn.

Abertay-UniAbertay is a modern University based in Dundee, Scotland (UK). Abertay is a recognised centre of expertise in digital and interactive media and their applications to addressing societal challenges. Abertay University has a portfolio of national and international research projects connected with areas such as Digital Games, Natural Sciences, and Computer Security.

In the context of The WikiRate Project, Abertay will operate on the end-user domain, by collaborating with the other consortium partners on the designing the rating/reputation system for WikiRate. This will include also actively working on the “gamification” and “data quality” components of the platform. Abertay University will bring advanced competencies for designing the front end interface of the platform, which will facilitate an easy access to the content for the end user and support the process of knowledge and information creation on the platform. Methods that will be used include qualitative sociological research, Interaction Design and Game Design.

CERTHThe Information Technologies Institute (previously Informatics and Telematics Institute) was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organisation in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 2000 it has been a founding member of the Centre of Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH). The CERTH research team involved in the WikiRate proposal focuses on the following R&D areas: largescale and social media analysis, mobile social media and networks applications, semantic multimedia analysis, indexing and retrieval, personalisation and knowledge discovery for Semantic Web applications.

CERTH will lead the work on large-scale collective analysis and organization of WikiRate users feedback. Moreover, CERTH will participate in the architecture definition, development and evaluation. In terms of other activities, CERTH will actively participate in dissemination and exploitation by contributing to the dissemination plan and by participating and organizing events relevant to the objectives of The WikiRate Project.

kaleidoscope croppedKaleidoscope Futures are a think tank consultancy that helps organisations understand, anticipate and strategise around future changes in their sectors. Kaleidoscope Futures brings together thought-leaders, creates knowledge through research, and provides analysis and insight through strategic support which helps organisations prepare for the future.

In the context of The WikiRate Project, Kaleidoscope Futures is contributing research on trends, through the production of a white paper on “The Future of Stakeholder Accountability: Transparency, Ratings and Crowdsourcing”, as well as assisting with stakeholder engagement by facilitating three forums and and an online engagement platform to allow user feedback.

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