The following publications were developed as a result of research on collective awareness platforms with two foci:

  1. Research on WikiRate as a collective awareness platform
  2. Research on other collective awareness platforms that share common subjects or mechanics with WikiRate

De Paoli S. (2015). The role of Sociologists in a designed world: some reflections from the wikirate project. Research Presentation at European Sociological Association 2015 Conference. URL:

Kaleidoscope Futures. 2015. Transforming Corporate Accountability: The Revolutions of Transparency, Ratings & Social Media. e-Report, Cambridge: Kaleidoscope Futures.

Mills, R., De Paoli, S., Diplaris, S., Gkatziaki, V., Papadopoulos, S., Prasad, S.R., McCutchen, E., Kapadia, V. and Hirche, P., (2016), – Leveraging collective awareness to understand companies’ environmental, social and governance performance. In International Conference on Internet Science (pp. 74-88). Springer International Publishing.

Mills, R. & Fish, A. (2015) “A Computational Study of How and Why was an Effective Platform in the Campaign Against SOPA” HCI International 2015

Mills, R. (in press), Pop-up political advocacy communities on – SandersForPresident and The Donald, AI & Society – Special issue on Collective Intelligence

Mills, R. & De Paoli, S. (submitted), When situativity meets objectivity in peer-production of knowledge: the case of the WikiRate platform, Program


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